Markdoc wikis have the following layout:

|-- .html/
|-- .templates/
|-- .tmp/
|-- static/
|-- wiki/
`-- markdoc.yaml

The .html/ and .tmp/ directories should be excluded from any VCS, since they contain temporary files. Here is a list of the roles of the various files and sub-directories, in descending order of significance:

The wiki root, containing all of the files required for the markdoc utility to build and serve the wiki.
The wiki configuration; the main configuration point for your wiki, in a YAML-formatted file. Consult the configuration docs for more information on how to write this.
The document root, which contains the actual text of your wiki in Markdown-formatted text files. It is assumed they are UTF-8 encoded. Any files without a valid extension will be ignored (see the option document-extensions in configuration).
The static directory: static media files (such as CSS and JavaScript) should be put here. They will be copied to .html/ by rsync during the build operation. This comes with some default CSS for styling.
The template directory: it contains the Jinja2 templates for documents, error pages and directory listings. It comes with some nice defaults, but you can override these if you wish.
The HTML root (sometimes abbreviated as ‘htroot’). It holds the compiled HTML and static files. It is directly served from by the Markdoc webserver.
The temporary directory: a temporary build destination for rendered Markdown files. This directory is then rsync’d to the HTML root along with the static directory; the incremental nature of this operation means the Markdoc web server can keep running in one process whilst another runs markdoc build.

Note that all of the default locations for these directories can be overridden in the markdoc.yaml file. For example, you may wish to use WIKI_ROOT/pages/ instead of WIKI_ROOT/wiki/, or WIKI_ROOT/.build/ instead of WIKI_ROOT/.html/. Consult the configuration documentation for more information.